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beach picture
fire pic
good dog
homer moon
moon tree
moose pic 1
moose pic 2
moose pic 3
moose pic 4
porch panorama
dog race
snow storm
sunset 3
sunset 1
sunset 2
sunset 4
ski tracks
yearling bull moose
bull moose1
bull moose2
cow moose with calf
cow moose with calf
feeding eagle
struting eagle
spawning red salmon
whale tail
lead dogs
dog in clover
napping dog with moose

sunrise panorama

mountain bikes
picking gillnet
dog teams
bekka and dean
sarah and team
howl break
dogs at fox river

Spring of 2008, I purchased a new Canon XSI after my trusty Fuji expired from a long night out in the rain. I've been shooting pictures and experimenting with diffferent lenses. Used the Canon 10-22 wide angle lens to shoot pics of the new Caribou cabin located here.

A web site you might find interesting for Canon related photo info:

Canon Digital Photography Forums

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