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Alaska Outdoor Journal

The AOJ is packed with great Alaskan information and interesting fishing stories. Bookmark this one!

The Milepost is a great reference book for travelers in Alaska and Canada.You can purchase it at their site, through your local book store or at

Kenai Peninsula Bed & Breakfast Association

Quality lodging for your stay on the Kenai Peninsula from Seward to Homer



fish sketch
Thanks to Ed Seiler for the sketches

Dusty Dave has done a nice job listing interesting Vacation Cabins and Lodges in Alaska and around the country at his site. Check it out at:


traveljunkies directory and guide to the best value travel

If cold weather and snow have you down consider a trip south with:
Baja Air Ventures

Baja Air Ventures assists adventure travelers in experiencing sea kayaking, whale watching and tours of the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Mexico.

Great site for traveler posted pictures and reviews of lodging around the world.

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